The Villa


Tenuta Dolciano is situated 3 km from the Etruscan town Chiusi in the province of Siena.

Completely immersed in the charming Tuscan country side, boasts the ancient beauty of a historical hamlet; back in the days self-sufficient. You already find the farm that will constitute the code of the Tenuta Dolciano back in 1635, which was bought by Francesco 1 dei Medici afterwards.

In 1769, Pietro (Granduca of Tuscany 1765-1790 and afterwards emperor of Austria) personally goes to visit the Tenuta and in 1777, he starts the extension and renovation of the buildings, that will continue until the unification of Italy.

Around the year 1782, Dolciano is profoundly transformed in a hamlet with master Villa, wonderful Italian-style gardensm lodgings for farmers, schools, stables and church. That today survive thanks to the constant commitment of renovation and care from the Bologna family, that from the 24th of December 1864 is the owner of this estate.

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